Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Face Off Assignments 1 & 2 + Bonus Pictures!

The scores for the first round of Face Off were posted and I made it through! Woo! I've got some really tough competition and keeping up with them is proving to be a challenge! Anyway, I've been very sick this week and I'm going to have to play catch up with school this weekend so I got the second assignment done and I really love the way Anastasie looks in it!

As much as I love the photo I entered, my first choice was this one:

I loved everything about it... except for the hair clipping. My editing skills aren't good enough to try and fix such severe clipping so I decided to just edit another picture. They turned out very similar so I'm very happy.


I've entered another competition! This one is called Dalliance and I've entered a gorgeous sim who's been sitting in my simbin for a long time untouched. So I dolled her up and took her headshot and bodyshot:

And her mock assignment:

She photographs beautifully and I believe that she will do very well in this competition!

Now I'm off to sleep and drink tea for the rest of the night -__-

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