Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It's Been Awhile Now Hasn't It?

After about 2 years, I received an email saying that a comment was left on one of my posts. I had honestly completely forgotten about this blog after I left the Sims & Modeling community and I feel bad for just leaving with no goodbye post or anything. So I've decided to start posting here again. All of my recent sims projects and gameplay pictures are located at my tumblr but I'll post links to specific families or challenges that I'm playing here.

I've also decided to start competing again. *WOO*~ I'm really looking to focus on improving my editing skills and making this a really fun hobby instead of piling on too much work and making it feel like a chore.

When I was lurking around on Unbound, I saw that Face Off!-a headshot only competition-was open for sign ups, I thought that that would be the perfect competition for practicing my editing skills. So I updated Anastasie (I must say she is looking ravishing!) and got her new headshot and bodyshot taken. And she looks super gorgeous in her first entry! 


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